Custom Orders

Above all, we like to take on the challenge of special orders. We have complete confidence that our weavers can duplicate any design that you might have in mind.

In our experience, there are always nice designs that come through that people really love, but they need a different size for their particular circumstance. This is usually how a situation develops for a special order. At times, someone might want to order a design from a book, magazine or even album cover. Whatever the case may be, Accents West would love to handle the job for you and get you the perfect Zapotec weaving of your dreams!

For example, if you should want a large Zapotec rug made especially to your specifications, all you need to do is email us which of our rug store weavings that you like and what size you would like your custom rug to be. Then we would contact you with a price estimate after we carefully research the factors involved in your particular project.


If you have a different design in mind, then you would need to email us an attached picture or send us a package with design and color swatches through the mail. In either case, we would begin a dialogue that would continue until the rug reaches you and you then have 48 hours to accept or reject it.

You will need to send one-half of the cost in check or money order to get a custom weaving project under way. When we receive your down payment, we will quickly forward your money to Mexico to get the job started as soon as possible. In a matter of days, we should be able to give you an estimated time of delivery. Upon completion and arrival at our office in Austin, we will contact you again and ask for your preference of shipping. Then, you will need to mail us the balance of the price of the weaving before we can ship it to you.

As we said earlier, the customer has 48 hours to accept or reject the weaving. You must contact us within this time span in order for us to honor the return policy and return your money. In all our years of business, we have never had a customer reject one of our special orders.

We want all of our customers to be satisfied and we are confident of our artists work. However, if you are not satisfied and have followed our return policy we will send your second check back to you upon receipt of the weaving. Then it will take three to four weeks to get your original deposit back from Mexico.

We specialize in large size rugs up to 10 feet in width and 20 feet in length, although our most common large scale rug are 8 x 10 feet. There are too many factors involved to list here pertaining to estimated completion date. We can nearly always deliver an 8 x 10 rug in six months.

To place your order, please Contact Us via Email or Phone.

Custom Order Considerations

The skill at which the Zapotec can replicate any design is unsurpassed. While custom weavings take more time generally the end result is well worth the wait. The attention to detail and the desire to keep the customer satisfied is the main reason I have chosen the specific weavers I work with to complete my custom orders.

There are many elements which effect the price of a special order from complexity of design, the use of custom colors and even the type of yarn to be used. We and the weavers go over the details of a custom weaving before we quote the customer a price. The whole process is very exciting and the weavers love to produce these custom orders to broaden their artistic skills and recreate designs that may influence their own designs or color choices in the future. They have even been asked to weave geometric imperfections into a design, particularly in the Navaho custom orders to make the weaving look more authentic, although with the robust durability and advantages of a Zapotec weaving.